Contact with Heirs: the Agreement and the Power of Attorney

Once the next of kin have been identified, we contact them to let them know about their inheritance rights. The first contact can take place by phone, registered letter or in some cases, in person by one of our genealogists.

After explaining what we do and checking the family tree together, we suggest an agreement whereby the Company reveals the origin of the inheritance and agrees to represent the heir throughout the entire inheritance case until the estate is settled, guaranteeing legal assistance as well as paying any fees in advance.

Signing the contract does not mean that the heirs have to accept the inheritance; it is simply an agreement to define the respective obligations and benefits.

Once the contract has been signed, the heir has the right to receive all information about the inheritance: personal data of the deceased person (name, surname, date and place of birth and death), the degree of kinship and where possible, the amount of the inheritance.

After acquiring this information, the eligible heir can decide if they would like to accept the inheritance. If the heir decides not to accept the inheritance, they owe NOTHING to the Company in terms of fees or compensation for expenses. If the heir decides to proceed, E.D.Genealogia asks them to sign a notarial power of attorney so that the Company can represent them in all acceptance and payment procedures regarding the estate.

In the quality of the heir’s attorney, the Company looks after every bureaucratic and fiscal requirement and pays any necessary expenses in advance, including inheritance tax.

The fee owed to the Company for the work carried out is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the net inheritance received and will be paid only when the estate is settled in their favour.

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