The Advantages of Using E.D.Genealogia

Signing a contract with E.D.Genealogia means relying on expert probate genealogy professionals.

Some of the many advantages for the heir include:

• learning about an inheritance they would have otherwise known nothing about;
• receiving sums of money that without the intervention of E.D.Genealogia, would be devolved to the State;
• NEVER having to sustain or anticipate any costs;

•counting on the utmost professionalism, reliability and availability of every collaborator;
• no need to make any journeys, trips or go to any trouble, E.D.Genealogia looks after everything for them;
• every bureaucratic and fiscal requirement is managed by the Company;
• 100% safeguarded at every step: E.D.Genealogia provides every guarantee and takes on every risk;
• the fee owed to E.D.Genealogia is ONLY paid if the outcome of the case is positive, and it is paid at the same time as when the heir receives their settlement;
• no economic risk: if the case does not have a positive outcome, any advanced payments remains the responsibility of the Company.

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