What We Do

E.D.Genealogia was created with the aim of reconstructing the history of families or individuals to determine the identity of heirs and provide them with assistance and guarantees, as well as all the documentation necessary to recover an inheritance they are eligible to receive, starting from their family tree. The Company only traces the heirs of active estates.

Thanks to a vast network of genealogists and collaborators throughout Europe and the world, E.D.Genealogia is able to carry out even the most complex genealogical researches with the aim of reconstructing entire family units.

Thanks to an agreement to reveal inheritance rights, the heirs come to discover an inheritance they knew nothing about and after receiving information regarding their deceased relation, they can decide whether they would like to accept the inheritance and issue a power of attorney so that the Company can act on their behalf.

In the quality of the heir’s attorneys, E.D.Genealogia represents them in the acquisition and settlement of the estate, paying in advance all necessary expenses and taking on every risk linked to the inheritance case. When all fiscal and bureaucratic requirements have been fulfilled, the heirs receive the net inheritance quota they are eligible for … at this point, all they have to do is decide how to spend it!

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