Collaborations and Services

The Company comes into contact with many professionals and public institutions, such as lawyers, Notaries, Courts, Accountants, Condominium Administrators, Support Administrators, Insurance Companies and Banks to whom the Company offers its services free of charge.

E.D.Genealogia is able to offer different solutions on the basis of the requirements of each professional figure. In particular, the main contacts are:

Lawyers and Accountants

E.D.Genealogia is able to provide professionals managing an estate with an exact family tree, as well as all the documentation necessary to certify the kinship between the deceased person and their eventual heirs, to facilitate the closure of the procedure in Court.


To verify the veracity of a sworn statement by an heir or to find an untraceable heir, Notaries can use the services of E.D.Genealogia, which provides certified documentation and research.

Condominium Administrators

In the case of a death in a condominium where the heir is unknown and to avoid the condominium expenses remaining unpaid, E.D.Genealogia is able to reconstruct the family of the deceased person, trace the heirs and pay any outstanding fees in the name of and on behalf of the heirs.

Insurance Companies and Banks

In the case of dormant bank accounts or unclaimed insurance policies, the legitimate heirs of the owners of these sums have to be found. E.D.Genealogia has all the tools necessary to trace the heirs who have the right to benefit from their settlement.


If a relative passes away, when it is necessary to determine kinship and settle the estate, an heir can request our services to make sure that the estate is devolved correctly and, above all, represent the heir during the difficult stages of opening, defining and concluding the inheritance case. In these circumstances, E.D.Genealogia looks after every bureaucratic and fiscal formality and anticipates any necessary costs in the name of the heir.

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