Notarial Deeds and Fiscal Compliance

Thanks to the notarial power of attorney issued by the next of kin, E.D.Genealogia can act in the name of and on behalf of the next of kin to represent them and safeguard their interests.
After all the documentation proving the kinship linking the deceased person to the traced heirs has been obtained, the Company under its own responsibility, signs the Inheritance Acceptance, in Court or at a Notary’s Office, as well as a Notarial Deed which determines the heirs’ right to the inheritance quotas.
These documents are registered with the competent Authorities so that the estate can be handed over to the Company in the quality of attorney, who will administer the estate until it is settled.
In particular, the Company has the task of completing the Inheritance Statement, paying inheritance tax, releasing any current accounts in the deceased person’s name, managing any property in the inheritance and, if requested by the heirs, taking care of their sale.

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