E.D.Genealogia is located against the charming backdrop of Arenzano, just 20 minutes from Genoa.

The consolidated experience of Eleonora Grasso, expert in probate genealogy, and the compelling presence in Europe of the Austrian Company Historikerkanzlei, allow E.D.Genealogia to provide individuals and professionals with a comprehensive service in terms of genealogy searches and the management of inheritance cases.

Competence and efficiency, discretion and reliability, curiosity and passion are our main qualities. Our principal mission consists in tracing heirs who are unaware of their rights in an inheritance they know nothing about. We carry out in-depth genealogical research to trace heirs on a national and international level, and once found, we let them know about the origins of the inheritance, providing assistance during the entire inheritance case and safeguarding their legal and economic rights.

Thanks to our intervention, the heirs not only inherit assets that otherwise would be devolved to the State, but they also have the opportunity to learn about their role as protagonist in a broader family history, about which we can provide a narrative.

Each research case is a unique story, and each story is about a family. When reconstructing a family tree, the genealogist ventures into the different nuances of various family histories, using their intuition to fill the blanks left by sometimes incomplete sources.

A good probate genealogist is a scrupulous and meticulous researcher who acts with discretion, just like a real investigator, but who also has great empathy and sensibility when dealing with heirs.

Choosing E.D.Genealogia as your representative means placing your trust in experts who, with great earnestness, are able to meet the demands of heirs and professionals and accompany you through the entire inheritance case process.

Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of probate genealogy, Eleonora Grasso is a recognised Genealogy Expert of the Italian Committee of Professional Experts.

E.D. Genealogy is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists

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