The Genealogist and Inheritances

Our family includes the inextricable figure of the Genealogist, who is able to trace the heirs to an inheritance through articulated and meticulous research into the past.

The genealogical researcher works with great discretion, applying notions of history, archival science, paleography, privacy legislation, public access and laws of succession.

Family History is the great unknown for the Genealogist. Each family unit has its own history which is in turn tied to the history of its homeland.

Within this broad horizon emerge documentary sources which can provide a wealth of family history and act as a beacon for the researcher. Thanks to documents stored at the State Archives, as well as municipal, ecclesiastic and notarial documents, the Genealogist can reconstruct family trees and identify the heirs eligible to benefit from an inheritance.

The genealogical researcher is also an important channel of communication. He acts as a mediator between family members and the official figures involved in the acceptance and settlement of the inheritance, and accompanies the heirs through a historic-legal journey, guaranteeing transparent and precise information. The trust created with the heirs within this context becomes one of the inevitable cornerstones of the Genealogist’s research, who must be equipped with a moral intelligence which allows access into the most private stories with a light and discreet step.

On the threshold between past and present, the probate genealogist also becomes the surgeon who rebuilds connections between families separated by the passing of time.

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly, all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”

Linda Hogan, Native American Author

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